BO-X Project 8

xBorder, a Blockchain based API-controllable (API-X) Cloud Network (Cloud-X) that contains multiple configurable Nodes, whom are controlled by its Node-masters.


Project Xborder contains 8 Project-layers that are user-configurable and will be interconnected by Blockchain based Sky-X contracts. 


BLOCK-X, Blockchain Based Interconnecting Ruling System.

CLOUD-X, Secured Cloud Network.

API-X, API-Network that configures, deploys, runs & utilizes End-Points, Apps, authorizes contracts, websites.

SANDBx, Multi-Manager SANDBx, operates as a VPN Manager, creates virtual secured pipelines.

I would like to meet Geeks & Nerds whom are interested in Cloud and Crypto Layers, Technological Development and Star-trek. in the xBORDER Network, Virtual Application that is Bendable in many configurations & (Bender!) applications 

My mission is to Rise and Expand this project, media-wise (TV, Events, etc.) with the Grace of a Crowd-Fund open a Flag-ship Store in Amsterdam and Show the world that xBorder Platform was Born to be Global.

With 5 patents pending at USPTO Patents US and an Energy source from the Future, xBORDER has the Power and Creativity to become a Visionary in Blockchain based platforms.

Set: xBORDER will work fully transparent and fully open source.

Set: Many developing Teams are currently working on improved, fast and Non-Energy-Consuming setups of "Scripting of Contracts", or making the secured calculations with as-less-as-possible-energy,  however, for commercial deployment these Calculations are not fast enough. Making a Payment or Transcript, a Vote ( X-VOTE !), an Authorization, or whatever have to be Instant, that is, for commercial use. 

xBORDER Project 8,

combines, experiments, develops & integrates, multi-layers or Cloud Based Software Programs like Acronis System Sync, NORD VPN's Network, WIX's CORVID Api Based Code-HTML Platform, and many more to come.

Experimenting, Negotiating, Deploying, small pieces of software, step-by-step an Ultiumate Intelligent Cloud based API-Network will Rise and with the Platforms so we can build the Ultimate Intelligent Smart API -Network.  continue to implemetations of Softwarewe'll try to.. 

Visions, Visions of rockets that will reach for the Stars..

P. Oldenburger


Updated: 3 days ago

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